Each release put out by rgms fits an unspoken set of experimental criteria.

It is unspoken so as to function as an open system rather than a closed one.
We do not wish to precipitatley impose an aesthetic or meaning upon the rgms. 
Instead, the rgms must be approached as a symbol with its own desires, allowing it to flower by its own volition. 
By nature, creation is limitation, consciously or unconsciously we create a structure within which a symbol may begin to take shape. Without this form, a symbol (or an idea) escapes back to the realm of pure abstraction.
The nature of the experimental within the rgms is to bring form into a new dimension by allowing the experience of the ideas themselves to carry one to an unforeseen destination.
Improvisation plays a key role in many rgms releases.

Methodology is not prioritized over aesthetics, but it is encouraged in order to cultivate a music where the Apollonian (ordered) principle is balanced with that of the Dionysian (emotional). 

Brygos Painter, Dionysus Surrounded by Satyrs
The rgms features specific releases from artists rather than representing the artists as a whole - many contributors and members have works outside of the umbrella of RGMS. For more info on other projects, see artist profiles below.


Sean Kiley

Davis Connors

Timo Pehkonen