Early Studies in Sound [RGMS-005]

Released November 30, 2020

Musings: This aural mythology, an augmentation of environment  - just as the deeds of the heroes of old reach fantastical heights in ever evolving portrayals, musique concrète beckons us to see the world in a new fiction. Every act of the soundscape center-stage and glorified. Imaginal conversations between cave water drops and radio transmissions, between Socrates and Christ, leaping across the barriers of time. It is said that God may be likened to the principle of attraction, and that eternity is no more than the perpetual attraction of matter in space so as to compress beyond time. As our sonic environments condense and convalesce into the whirlwind of musical experience, undergoing transmutations from isolated temporal event to musical motif birthed anew into the present. Each sound attracting, closer than ever before heard, gradually escaping the bounds of temporality, precipitating on eternity. 

"During our lives we reflect on what we create, how we act, and how we present ourselves. For some who consider themselves artists, reflection upon one’s craft is the way that craft may evolve and become something unique. That is what this album Early Studies in Sound is, a reflection of my artistic journey during my early time studying and experimenting with sound, in particular my fascination with Pierre Schaeffer’s research and work on the sound object and musique concrète."


Meditation Objects, Supplements, and Sequences (MOSS Vol. I) [RGMS-004]

Released November 17, 2020

Musings: Somewhere in between background noise and a symphony, in between the ocean and your open vein… an object, or new furniture of sorts – a supplement, which opens the room for the breeze to come in – a sequence, guiding you through new land. Straddling the four cardinal directions, earthly meditations, to dive deep into the waters of the unconscious, in search of the eternal flame, glowing like a scarlet lotus on the ocean’s floor, oh to breathe in the depths through consummated eucharist in harmony with the logos. Moss, the great mother, welcomes us unto it to soothe our wounds, then gently guide us back towards the path. Here we are, taking a moment to lay in its bed, amidst a journey which fractures into ten thousand directions, spiraling always towards the mandate of the heart. 

Meditation Objects, Supplements, and Sequences or MOSS, is a curated collaborative album from members of rgms consisting of tracks designed for meditation. This album was inspired in response to the seemingly rather monotonous tone of most meditation music found online today. Here, the aim is to explore a wide variety of states of being possible within the meditative posture. Herein, we have tracks, which lilt us in a gentle state of at onement, others which guide us through strange lands and circular quests, yet others still which take us to that part of ourselves we have not visited in a while, and while our initial urge may be to resist, the vibrations coax us to stay and have a look around for a little while, until we might find this once unfavorable place not at all too unbecoming.


MOSS #1: on the invisible lips of the dark (by Sean Kiley)
MOSS #2: Oceanographic (by Natalie Dzbik)
MOSS #3: Sein Blick (by Iminah Amal-Hill)
MOSS #4: Loading Dock (by Davis Connors)
MOSS #5: Field Propulsion (by Timo Pehkonen)
MOSS #6: Sounds of the Worker Drone (by Chris Chraca)
MOSS #7: Slidetracked (by Aaron Stearns)
MOSS #8: jean, you forgot to pay the electric bill! (by James Layton)