Aaron Stearns


And so it began even before they started. Born just out of a small town, northwest of Bakarak, Rayon confirmed into isolation. Pandemics aside, mental isometrics amidst isolation hasn’t really been anything new for Rayon. “It’s all a matter of mind over matter when nothing’s really the matter...” declares Rayon in, As a Matter of Fact, fictional publication of this narrative. “I never really had fun doing anything. That’s why and when I became a writer.” Now, listen, it’s easy to harp on the heart strings of Bobby, after all, he’s the reason they're here in the first place, but by gone it, sometimes tough love is a necessity. When Rayon shook Bobby’s hand, he felt as though a g*dly bolt connected all the synapses of his “brain” while completely wiping out his memories, his passions, his entire world. This was a turning point for Rayon. This was a point at which to turn. But, obnoxiously, which way? All in all, Rayon enjoys most auditory moments. He’s confided into phonetic confines which many would find many cons in; but rest easy, he does. Come nightfall, he’s back in front of his many rectangles, deciding which one may resonate most appropriately depending on how bright the sun was that day.

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