27 Short Songs [RGMS-013]

Released November 13, 2023

There’s ghosts in the machines - 
or are there? How could there be? 
I sighed, I wept on the shores of a thousand placeless smiles, 
teeth glimmering like the cheshire’s. 
Then the ghost awoke in me 
and these new eyes perceived the infinite stairs on which I wound. 
No longer passing through endless Kansases, 
shortness of breath transformed into the one long inhale from the edge of the universe. 
Angelic murmurings became a whisper and without warning spoke to me: 
“Fly to the lands of abyme and find the bloom of night. 
Fly to the heart of time and see the one without eyes.”
There the great cosmic body without organs, shifted its starry light to at last smile upon this great unfolding.
The wondrous ghost of life, playfully haunting it’s kin with the ancient drama of this entropic vie. 

Composed and Produced by Dexter Dine