Timo Pehkonen

Timo Pehkonen’s current style is explorative of pure sounds formed out of multilayered compositional techniques derived from a wide range of ideas. Some of these ideas include: -the abandonment of emotion during the genesis of any given work and welcoming emotion with open arms upon its completion -twelve tone equal temperament superimposed on the harmonic series -time as a calculation amidst time as an experience -minimalizing orchestration down to only sine waves and white noise -embracing “unwanted” sounds -creating musical blueprints The human response to the inner workings of our natural and unnatural surroundings is a key aspect in Pehkonen's works. The attention to detail in his compositional process is meticulously executed while the music itself finds a way to loosen it's hinges, giving the listener an opportunity to experience deep reflection. He has an Honours Bachelor of Arts from Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, Ontario) and a Master of Music from University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia). He has studied composition under Darlene Chepil Reid, Aris Carastathis, Dániel Péter Biró, and Anna Höstman.