Solétudes [RGMS-010]

Released April 30, 2021

Clarion radiance refracts through a pellucid aether. 
Cast in ambrosial tidings of incendiary’s essence. 
Mellifluous approbation resounds within the empyrean. 
Irises commensurately cried out, while Carnations climbed from chthonic depths. 
Dahlia and Hyacinth vibrate melic duets, the Chrysanthemum resurrects. 
Those atavistic once dormant, manumissioned and renewed. 
Tempest of Sol, from resplendence’s pleroma, 
Crosses over
Into the firmament of this mould, as the heart’s true apotheosis of gold. 

Composed and Produced by Noah Rosa


Music for Sine Waves II [RGMS-009]

Released April 16, 2021

Musings: An Anahata Nad, heard but never struck
Aloft this dance of air, fire, water, earth - in placelessness beyond all birth
Unraveling the labyrinth in mirrored waves
Reflects upon itself, uroboric yet heaven bent
Still, un-shimmering elixir
Holding fast to fleeting moments
The sine o' the times beckons us:

Composed and Produced by Timo Pehkonen