Music for Sine Waves II [RGMS-009] (-2,2)

Released April 16, 2021

Music for Sine Waves II, Timo Pehkonen: April 2021

Vinculum - The exploration of sound under the microscope continues. The ever-repeating fractions of time fade in and out of view. The listener pivots from a fixed point, discovering what can only be new from each encounter made. 

Löyly - A journey from image to sound to resemblance to memory. Fire, rocks, water, and steam. Few or many events may occur within a solar day, dictating an intramural rhythm that is constantly changing from one day to the next. Zooming out, however, we can examine a slow and steady overarching pulse that may contradict the experiential emotions that transpire within the zoomed in realm.

For All Time - One step back, two steps forward. Distilling, then dispersing. The beating of two different tunings that have nothing and everything to do with one another. The search for harmony amidst the unknown intention of the source reveals a beauty of its own. 

i2vi9 - The omission of something in order to increase the presence of another. Occasional alignment alongside inevitable replacement. To enjoy familiarity during careful examination. Simultaneous appreciation of the nostalgic and learned elation.

Composed and Produced by Timo Pehkonen