Solétudes [RGMS-010] (1,2)

Released April 30, 2021

Solétudes, Noah Rosa: April 2021 

Improvised compositions for piano, tape loops, and field recordings. Hymns for time spent alone. Fogged memories. A poem to stillness. 

Summer of 2020. The world has come to a near complete standstill. I spend most of my time in the small bedroom I have just moved into. I begin recording simple improvised pieces of music with only cassette tape loop, field recordings, and piano. I layer the sustained tails of the piano repeatedly onto the tape to build ghostly chords that float over the sometimes incessant, yet ever changing, looping fragments. I stretch tape loops across the bedroom, each one holding only a single note, and let them collide at their own pace. As I work I place my Zoom recorder on the window ledge to capture the murmur of the street below and its passersby. 
I realize now that the music that forms Solétudes was important in my reckoning with the changing world. Today listening back to the masters I am reminded of the certain kind of peace I had created in myself while working on this music. 

Recommended Listening:  
Brew a pot of tea. I recommend green tea with rose petals. Make yourself comfortable, either sitting, or lying down. Set the volume to a present but not overwhelming level. While listening I suggest some sort of self reflection, possibly through journaling, meditation, or an artistic practice.

Composed and Produced by Noah Rosa
Album Cover design: Cyanotypes by María Tinaut (