Research Publications

The Legend of Hyperborea by Vsevolod Ivanov
A curated collection of papers exploring insights into 
methodology, form, mythology, heuristics, music psychology, and theory.

Through such in-depth reflections and analyses, the RGMS endeavors to engage with the symbolic nature of music. 
In light of the current landscape of music consumption, the RGMS hopes to offer a more intimate experience with that style of music, which seeks out transcendence or understanding of the self in a greater context. 
By forging a framework to dialogue with this transcendent form of music, the musical experience may then become one which is both all the more enlightening and fulfilling.

The Meaning Behind RGMS?

An in-depth look into the meaning behind the name 'Rube Goldberg Machine of Semiotics (and Symbols)'

1. Origins

The mythological story of Tony and Bobby Goldberg

2. RGMS Release Code

An in-depth look into the heuristic through which the rgms strives to understand itself

3. Empiricism of Music

From The Visionary Commonwealth, a bourgeoning new music blog, here we have the foundations of a nascent heuristic of music derived from an intuitive sense

4. Artistic Hermeneutic Loop

This hermeneutic model was generated as a reflection of the chamber piece entitled kyi by Sean Kiley. The model strives to unearth the unconscious processes an artist may engage with when creating

5. The Way of Apollo and Dionysus in the RGMS

An in-depth look into the mythology, teleology, and process through which the rgms seeks to integrate the unconscious into consciousness

6. Archetypes of Music

To further understand and dialogue with the nature of music, RGMS presents a model of theoretical analysis, which strives to engage directly with the empirical perception of a work of art. Archetypes of Music aims to navigate the most distilled polar fields within the realm of both immediate and linear awareness, and thus achieve a more accessible and discernible understanding of the musical process.

7. 'Morning Bells' Reviewed by TVC

From the Visionary Commonwealth, RGMS presents a deep symbolic reflection on the experience of the album ‘morning bells’. Ewan Jenkins explores the significance of the bell as it relates to awakening, offering a profoundly personal, yet transcendent perspective on his engagement with the music. 

The goal of this experiment is to create a basis and model for an objective, scientific translation from light to sound. In this project, light’s physical properties are determined alongside the way in which these properties are perceived by the human eye; then, using only scientific understanding of the physics and phenomena of waves, light is ‘translated’ and reproduced as the closest replication in audible sound.

Music and ritual have long been intertwined on that same golden thread of transcendence running all throughout time. Their dynamic is eternal, but our perception of their interconnectivity ebbs and flows, consciously or unconsciously navigating the space of their association. Here, in Ritual Engagement with Music, RGMS proposes a revitalization of our efforts to heighten the depths of experience by devising and excavating ways to bring the conscious participation of these two domains into an alchemical marriage.