Morning Bells [RGMS-006]

Released December 21, 2020

Musings: This circular quest, from such mystic labyrinthine annals to deep within the canals of Mars. Awakening to some sort of journey, a Grail vaguely articulated passes briefly through the imagination. A vertical memory of those bells, which bind some ineffable tradition. That which breaks the silence of the dawn, marking transition from reflection into memory, wherefrom word and writing will soon be born. An Apollonian form, which seems to wander in the fields of Eleusis, beckons concentration without effort. The reward is kairosis; solemnity transfigured into ecstasy. Dionysus has been revealed by the infinite unfolding. From first light (Luce Prima), to a prolonged awakening from dreams (A Somno Somnia), which swirl before thine eyes foreboding the dark night of the soul (Nocte Animam), so that one may transform exaltedly (Transfiguratione), for no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.

“No sleep yet cools my eyes; 
day is already beginning 
outside my chamber window. 
My troubled senses rummage still 
here and there among my doubts, 
creating nightly visions - 
Alarm and rack yourself 
no longer, my soul. 
Be blithe. Already, here and there, 
morning bells are awakening.”

Morning Bells Composed and Produced by Sean Kiley
Mastered by Davis Connors