Altered States: Vedic Somatic Breathwork and Sound Bath [RGMS-014] (-2,1)

Released December 31, 2023

Breathwork by Manjinder Singh Benning 
Sound Bath by Sean Kiley

RGMS-014 is unique to the record label’s catalogue thus far as it includes a prescribed ritual in the listening experience itself. While it contains standalone musical expressions throughout, the breathwork ritual facilitated by Manjinder Singh Benning is paramount. The session is designed to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and create altered states of awareness through the manipulation of breath and the use of sound healing techniques such as monaural beats and singing bowls. In these altered states then, the symbolic facets of the music become more immediately accessible, often presenting themselves in the form of images like in a dream. As the breath and sounds lilt us into patterns of deeper and deeper theta activation, the brainwave pattern most closely associated with dreams, we may begin to dream waking dreams of the forces and characters at play within our psyches stirred by the musical spirits - and in this trance, awaken to inner messages, deep callings of what our truest being longs for.