The Way of Apollo and Dionysus in the RGMS

Apollo and Dionysus by Leonid Ilyukin

The rgms mission statement proclaims: "By cultivating a heuristic to retroactively assess the unconscious workings of music making, the rgms aims to excavate what lingers in the unconscious and bring it forth in the form of a conscious framework, from which new works may be born." But just what does this mean? And, why, you might ask, shall we strive to excavate the Unconscious into the Conscious domain?  Still - how does assessing the processes of music making achieve this? 
On this day, the Epiphany, just as the Magi come bearing gifts, so too do those obscured forces, which underpin the celestial manuscript gifted to Bobby Goldberg, issue forth. Manifest, in this gift of insight, wherein those mysteries take repose, just beyond the peripherals of perception. The quest for the proverbial Grail asks: "Will this traveling in circles eventually cede, and open the lips of mystery?" A path as such, which may become clear in this far-reaching research publication.